Instructions for AYY's residents moving out

Greetings from your landlord! Your lease for the apartment of Aalto University Student Union will end soon. We hope you have enjoyed living at your home. In this letter, you will find the most important information on how to move out smoothly. Housing keys are returned in an envelope to the mailbox on the white door of our office, latest on the moving day.

Cleaning checklist before moving out

  • Despite being busy with moving out, please clean your apartment in such a condition that it is pleasant for the next resident to move in. If cleaning has been neglected, the cleaning fee will be charged from your deposit.
  • See the more detailed cleaning instructions in the guidelines for moving out.
  • No personal furniture may be left in the apartment, unless agreed with the new resident. It is also prohibited to leave any furniture in shared apartments or corridors. If you have agreed to leave furniture for the new tenant, please inform the housing advisors.
  • If you have storage space in the basement or the attic, please remember to empty it when you move out. If you have AYY’s lock in the storage space, please lock the storage space and return only the key to the Services Office. The storage space lock must not be returned to AYY's service office.
  • Note! If the property does not have apartment-specific storage rooms, the key to the storage room may not be handed over to a new resident under a key exchange agreement.
Kodikas asunto Otaniemessä

Recycle unnecessary items 

AYY supports sustainable development. Please recycle items you no longer need and sort your waste correctly.

What should I do with the items I no longer need?

  • Please recycle usable items and clothing. The Recycling Centre in the metropolitan area, for example, picks up clean and reusable furniture and small items, and you can also take donations to recycling centres by yourself.
  • Please check the recycling groups in your area on Facebook or Telegram, such as Teekkari Village’s Market
  • See the tips for recycling and waste sorting. You can also find a dumpster for large items and a recycling point for electronic waste nearby.
  • It is strictly prohibited to leave items in stairwells or common areas. Items pose a fire safety hazard and the storing of items in the corridors is prohibited by the Rescue Act.

Returning the keys 


  • At least one key to the apartment must be returned no later than 12noon on the official moving day, and the rest by the end of the day.

  • The moving out date is the first working day following the end of the lease.

  • Half of the apartment must be empty of items and cleaned by 12noon, so that the next resident can start to move in. The entire apartment must be empty by the end of the day.


  1. Return the keys to AYY’s office (Otakaari 11, Espoo)
    Return the keys in an envelope in the mailbox on the white wooden door on Otakaari. Write your name and the exact address of your apartment on the envelope. Put the keys in the envelope and close the envelope. The office mailbox is located outside the Services Office on the right-hand side of the front door on the 2nd floor.

  2. Key exchange
    You can also give the keys to the new resident. The new resident must check the condition of the apartment before signing. The leaving resident submits the key exchange agreement to the Services Office on the moving day. Please leave the agreement to the mailbox or send it as an attachment with the form

  3. Special case of friend and family apartments
    If only one resident leaves a family or friend apartment, you can give the keys to the remaining resident or a new resident. Please fill in the key exchange agreement and proceed as in step 2. It is important to write down in the form how many keys the remaining resident eventually has in total (own keys+keys from the leaving resident).

Also remember

  • Please return permits, keys and remote controls for the parking space by the end of the moving day.

  • If you have AYY’s lock in the storage space, please lock the storage space and return only the key to the Services Office.

  • If the person living in a shared apartment has a separate key to the kitchen cabinet, return the key by 12 noon on the moving day.

  • Please lock the door to your apartment/room when you say goodbye to your home.

  • Please remember to submit a notification of change of address and share your new address with family and friends as well.

AYY's office white door for returning the keys
Keys can be dropped through the letter box on the white wooden door located on the Otakaari street. Please put the keys in an envelope, close it and write your name and the apartment in question on the envelope.

Current issues

Anything else to remember when moving out? 

  • Terminate your electricity contract and update your home insurance to your new home. 
  • Check if AYY’s van or trailer is available when you want to move out. Information on the booking can be found here.
  • The deposit will be refunded 4-6 weeks after the end of the lease. If you have any questions about this, please send a message to us.

Visits to the office during the COVID-19 epidemic

We strive to ensure the safest possible conditions for all our customers. Please come to the office only when healthy, with no symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. Wash and disinfect hands on arrival. Please observe social distancing. You will find the AYY's updated corona release here.

Where can I find more information? 

Visiting address: Otakaari 11, 02150 Espoo
Check the current opening hours here.

Housing telephone service (weekdays 12noon-4pm): +358 50 520 9410
Contact us with the form: ayy.fi/ask

For Residents Moving Out

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AYY Services Office

At the AYY Services Office you can, among other things, get a new year tag for your student card, use the internet and ask about anything related to student life. We also help you with questions concerning housing search, keys, moving, renting and apartments.

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