Housing Committee

The Housing Committee is a body that handles housing-related complaints, applications and presentations. On this page, you will find instructions for submitting an application to the Housing Committee and information on the Housing Committee.

The Housing Committee (ATMK) is the supreme authority when interpreting AYY’s housing rules. If the applicant thinks that one’s life circumstances would justify the urgency scores when applying for housing but the scoring guidelines do not directly mention the situation, the Housing Committee may, on application, address the case and possibly decide to grant the urgency scores.

The Housing Committee consists of three representatives appointed by AYY and three representatives of the residents who are appointed by AYY’s cooperative housing body in its first meeting of the year.

The Housing Committee convenes at least once a month. The minutes of the Housing Committee are public and available on request at AYY’s services office.

The Housing Committee members cannot comment on any issues which are currently being processed in the Housing Committee. The Housing Committee should only be contacted directly through the chair of the Housing Committee (details below).

The Housing Committee handles issues, such as

  • Application and deviation from the sublease regulations
  • Granting the housing queue scores on grounds not mentioned in AYY’s scoring guidelines
  • Suspension of the housing right for a certain time period in special cases
  • Retention of the housing right, even if the credit limit (18 credits per academic year) determined by AYY is not fulfilled
  • Granting the transfer of the removal date, if the termination of an open-end lease causes unreasonable difficulties to a tenant
Scoring of Applications

Instructions for filing an application to the Housing Committee

All applications are made in writing and submitted to AYY Housing. We ask for the application to be delivered using the following form: Application form to the Housing Committee

The form includes information on how to fill it. Make sure to include all documents and attachments that you want to be considered when the Housing Committee decides on the application. The decisions of the Housing Committee will be delivered to applicants by email, so please make sure that AYY has your email, which you read often.

Appealing the decisions of the Housing Committee

If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision concerning oneself, one may require the Housing Committee to review the decision. The amendment request must be made within two (2) weeks of the date when the decision was published. The amendment request is made in the same way as the original application: in writing to the Housing Office. All matters that were not included in the original application or matters that have changed during the interim period, based on which the applicant wishes the decision to be reviewed should be attached with the request.

The Housing Committee addresses the amendment request at its next meeting and presents the reviewed, final and reasoned decision to the applicant no later than one (1) month after the submission of the amendment request. If the applicant is still dissatisfied with the decision, one may appeal to the Administrative Court. It should be noted that the decisions of the Housing Committee can be appealed for the second time only to the Administrative Court.

Housing Committee (ATMK) Members in 2021

AYY’s representatives

Kirsi Veijola – Chair – [email protected]
Samuli Vehkomäki
Lauri Jurvanen

Representatives of residents

Pinja Heikkinen
Sabine Okoroego
Ilari Kuoppala

Secretary: Maria Liimatta-Tuominen – [email protected]

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