Housing Committee

The Housing Committee is a body that addresses housing-related complaints, appeals and proposals, and contributes to the settling of housing-related disputes.

The Housing Committee (ATMK) consists of three residents’ representatives and three representatives appointed by the Student Union Board. Residents’ representatives are appointed by the housing cooperative. In addition, AYY’s employee acts as the secretary of the Housing Committee. The Committee meets at least once a month during the academic terms of Aalto University.

The minutes of the meetings are public and available upon request from AYY’s Services Office. However, the committee members do not comment on unfinished matters.

Duties of Housing Committee in accordance with Administrative Regulation for the Halls of Residence

  • To decide on principles and procedures of tenant selection and reviewing the right of residence within the housing regulation
  • To supervise the implementation of tenant selection and reviewing the right of residence
  • To address complaints, appeals and proposals from residents within its decision-making power
  • To contribute to the settling of housing-related disputes and, if necessary, act as a mediator in cases of disorder 
  • To decide on matters which the housing cooperative body, a single tenant council or a resident representative, Student Union Board, Representative Council or Finance Board considers necessary to be decided by the Housing Committee.
  • To prepare amendments to the housing regulation for the Student Union Board

For further information on the housing committee activities, please contact Chair of the Housing Committee ([email protected]).

Scoring of Applications
Application form to the Housing Committee

Contacting the Housing Committee

You may contact the Housing Committee, for example, if you do not meet the credit limit for the right of residence defined by AYY, or if you would like to apply for additional scores for a housing queue and your situation is not defined in the housing scoring instructions.

If you apply for additional scores or for the extension of the right of residence on medical grounds, your application cannot be processed without a medical certificate. Therefore, please submit the application only after you can attach a picture of the original medical certificate. A screenshot of Omakanta website is not considered a sufficient medical certificate.

Please apply for the postponement of the moving day well in advance. Once you have accepted the termination of your lease, we will offer your apartment to the next resident in the queue. We may offer the apartment to the next resident already two months before the expiration of a valid lease. Once a new resident has signed a contract, it begins immediately after the previous one has ended, and the date of moving can no longer be postponed. In addition to the Housing Committee, please inform AYY’s housing services if you apply for the postponement of the moving day.

Contact by form

All applications to the Housing Committee are submitted in writing using the electronic form of the committee. The form includes instructions on how to fill in the form. Please include any attachments you would like to be considered when processing your application. Please make sure the email address you entered on the form is correct, as decisions will only be sent by email to the address you have provided. 

Appealing against decisions of the Housing Committee

If you are dissatisfied with a decision, you may request the committee to review the decision. A request for review must be made within two weeks of the publication of the decision. So please keep checking your email! The request for review is made through the same form as the original application. Please include any attachments that were missing from your original application or have changed after the application was submitted, based on which you want the decision to be reviewed.

The Housing Committee will consider the request for review at its next meeting and will present its reviewed, final and reasoned decision no later than one month after the submission of the request. If you are still dissatisfied with the decision, you may appeal to the Administrative Court. The Housing Committee will not reconsider your case after one request for review.

Housing Committee (ATMK) Members in 2022

AYY’s representatives

Lauri Jurvanen – Chair – [email protected]
Sampo Sainio

Representatives of residents

Pinja Heikkinen
Onni Poikkeus
Sampo Hanhirova

Secretary: Anniina Hakatie – [email protected]

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