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On this page, you will find a collection of general instructions regarding housing. You can find instructions for booking sauna or laundry rooms, as well as tips for keeping your home in shape.

Apartment temperature

The properties have a central heating system that measures the outdoor temperature and heats the apartment based on this. During the heating season, the temperature of the apartments should be about 21 degrees.  If your apartment feels cold, measure the temperature in the middle of the room, at around one metre’s height. If the temperature is below 21 degrees,  please notify the maintenance company.

In the heat of summer and when the sun is shining directly into the apartment, its temperature may rise to above 21 degrees. In accordance with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s housing health guideline (in Finnish]), “the room temperature may not rise above 26 C, unless the temperature’s rising is caused by the warmth of the air outdoors.” You can try to cool the apartment by keeping the curtains closed and by ventilating the apartment in the evenings, once the outdoor temperature cools down.

Keys behind locked doors

Did you lock yourself out of your apartment? You can ask for help from the Castle Warden, if one has been appointed for your building. The Castle Wardens’ contact details can always be found on the building’s notice board. During the opening hours of AYY’s Housing Services, you can also pop in to borrow a key. If necessary, the maintenance company can also open the door for you, but you will be charged a fee for this in accordance with the maintenance company’s service prices.

Lost key

Always inform AYY about a lost key using this form. Housing Services will give you further instructions on how to proceed and how you can get a new key as quickly as possible.

For a lost key, you will be charged the costs of having a new key made. AYY will send the invoice for a lost key to the tenant. When the tenancy agreement ends, if the tenant hands in less keys than what they have signed for, the costs of having the missing keys replaced will be deduced from the tenant’s deposit.

Previous resident’s mail

If you receive mail addressed to the previous resident or an unknown person, please write “jaettu väärin” (“misdelivered”) onto the letter and drop it at the nearest mail box for re-delivery.

Internet and TV

The rent includes an internet connection that can be used without any special arrangements from the residents. Connect an Ethernet cable (with an RJ45 connection) to the wall and to your computer.

All questions related to the internet and television are answered by Trinet. You can reach Trinet using this contact form. More detailed information on using the internet and TV and contact details are available on the Trinet website.

Fire alarm and light fittings

Fire alarms and light fittings in the apartment are mainly the resident’s responsibility. If a light bulb of your ceiling lamp or the bathroom burns out, you should replace it with a new one.

AYY is responsible for fire alarms and light fittings and bulbs in the common areas of shared apartments. If the fire alarm in the common area runs out of battery or a bulb burns out, please contact the maintenance company. Fire alarms and light fittings and bulbs in the single rooms of a shared apartment are the resident’s own responsibility. Some shared apartments have a ceiling light installed, but the bulbs have to be purchased by residents.

In some of our newest properties, fire alarms are connected to the grid. If a fire alarm connected to the grid is faulty, please contact the maintenance service.

Parking and control

There are parking spaces available for rent in the vicinity of nearly all of AYY’s properties. If you need a parking space, please contact the Housing Services using this form.

The parking spaces at Turkismiehentie, Maapadontie and Kirkonkyläntie are controlled by the maintenance companies of the properties. If a resident of these properties needs a parking space, queries should be sent to the maintenance companies. The contact details of the maintenance companies can be found on each property’s own site.

If you have received a ticket for incorrect parking, please negotiate with the party who fined you. Unfortunately, AYY cannot influence the tickets received by residents.

Laundry rooms

You can reserve laundry rooms via Domo. At Maapadontie, laundry rooms are reserved via a separate system.

Sauna reservations

Residents of the Teekkari Village can review available sauna reservations via Domo. You can book a regular sauna reservation for yourself through the Housing Services (contact form). New sauna reservations must be made and the existing ones cancelled by the 20th of the month in order to be included in the heating lists of the following month.

There are weekly public sauna shifts which the residents can use for free. The timetable of the public shifts is also available in Domo.

At Leppävaara, Atlantinkatu, Turkismiehentie and Kirkonkyläntie, sauna reservations are made through the maintenance company. At Maapadontie, the saunas are reserved through a separate booking system. In the other Helsinki properties, sauna reservations can be made through the lists by the sauna doors.

A weekly sauna reservation costs €10 a month for a tenant, with the exception of a weekly reservation at Atlantinkatu and Miestentie, which costs €15 a month (prices in 2020)


  • Single room in a shared apartment: not allowed
  • Studios and studio rooms in a shared apartment: allowed
  • Two-room and bigger apartments: allowed

Cleaning the floor drain

Cleaning the floor drain is part of a resident’s duties. The cleaning should be done regularly, as the floor drain may start to smell or become blocked. It is possible to get a filter for underneath the floor drain lid that collects debris and is easy to clean. Filters resembling a net are available in large supermarkets.

How to clean the floor drain:

  • Loosen the floor drain lid. You may need a screwdriver for this if the lid is closed tightly.

  • Remove hair and other debris from the floor drain.

  • Clean the walls of the floor drain with a brush. You can use washing-up liquid, for example, for the cleaning.

  • Clean the floor drain lid and replace it.

If the water does not drain despite the cleaning but gathers on the floor, the blockage may be further down. In this case, please contact the maintenance company.

Cleaning the drain trap

Cleaning the drain trap in the toilet and bathroom is part of a resident’s duties and should be done regularly to prevent blockages. The drain trap in the kitchen must not be opened but needs to be cleaned using a drain cleaner designed to unblock pipes.

How to clean the drain trap in the toilet / bathroom:

  • Place a bucket or another vessel underneath the drain trap, as liquids may spill out from an opened drain trap.

  • The drain trap usually opens by turning it. Unscrew the cap on the drain trap and keep the washer safe.

  • Clean the pipes, for example, by using a drain cleaning coil.

  • Replace the washer and screw the cap back on.

  • At the end, run water into the sink and make sure that the drain trap does not leak.

Cleanliness in shared apartments

In shared apartments with single rooms, all residents must take care of the cleanliness in the common areas. Storing waste in the common areas or on balconies, for example, is forbidden and can lead to warnings or even a termination of the tenancy agreement. If a shared apartment is discovered to be in an unacceptable state, all residents are handed a cleaning request. After the request, the common areas are inspected. If the common areas have not been cleaned, a cleaner will perform the cleaning and the costs are charged from all residents of the shared apartment, who are jointly liable.

Cleaning instructions for the common spaces of shared apartments

Pests and insects

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are unpleasant but thankfully harmless pests that can usually be effectively exterminated from the apartment with the right measures. If you think there might be bed bugs in your apartment, please contact the Housing Services. A pest controller will be called to your apartment to assess the situation and carry out the necessary control measures.

Fur beetles and grain beetles

Fur beetles and grain beetles are fairly common but harmless pests. You may find fur beetle larvae among textiles, for example, whereas grain beetles are comfortable among food items. You can try to repel both with simple measures (by cleaning the cupboards and using suitable repellents), but if the problem is wide-spread, you should contact the Housing Services, who may call in a pest controller.

Fruit flies

Repelling fruit flies requires patience. The flies can be caught using home-made traps, for example, by placing a glass with some juice and washing-up liquid in it onto the table. You can use pest repellents to destroy the flies’ eggs. Flies are comfortable among compostable waste, so this should be taken out daily and the container carefully cleaned after emptying. All fruit should be removed from tabletops.


Silverfish are common but harmless pests that you can try to repel with simple measures. Silverfish access the apartments from the ground via piping systems, for example. In apartments, there may be silverfish underneath skirting boards and door thresholds, in plumbing wholes or other sheltered places, for example. You can try to repel silverfish with suitable repellents by spraying some repellent into the places you have seen silverfish. Larvae can be repelled from the drains by pouring boiling-hot water down the sink and floor drain.

Flaws and defects

If there is a major problem with your apartment or the flaws or defects are structural, such as holes in the plastic flooring, please contact AYY’s Real Estate Sector using this contact form. Smaller defects, such as a loose power socket or missing shelves, can be reported directly to the maintenance company, which takes care of various inspections and repairs for free. The maintenance company will also notify AYY’s Real Estate Sector if a new fridge, for example, or other furnishings need to be ordered for the apartment. If you are unsure whose responsibility it is to fix something, you can contact the maintenance company. If necessary, the maintenance company will pass the message on or give instructions on the matters that are the responsibility of residents.

Residents’ FAQ

This page features a collection of common questions that residents may have. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, contact Housing Services.

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