Emergency housing

In some years AYY has organised emergency housing in cooperation with Aalto University. Emergency housing is meant for new Aalto University students who have no other housing options whatsoever.

Autumn 2020:

There will be no emergency housing in 2020.


Seeking out emergency housing

AYY’s Emergency Housing Coordinator is responsible for organising emergency housing for Aalto students in need of short-term accommodation.

If you have not found anywhere to stay 1–3 working days prior to your arrival, get in touch with the Emergency Housing Coordinator and the Student Union will try to find you a place in emergency housing.

You can stay in emergency housing for two weeks at most. After that, the place is given to the next person in line. If a student in emergency housing is in a very exceptional situation and there is no one queuing up for their spot, the tenancy agreement can be extended for another two weeks.

You can also get in touch with the Emergency Housing Coordinator to ask for general instructions on looking for accommodation in the capital region. Please note that AYY cannot promise emergency housing for everyone that needs it due to a limited number of housing facilities.

You can contact the Emergency Housing Coordinator by using this form.


Emergency housing facilities

Guest rooms at Servin Maijan tie 10 G, Espoo

There are two rooms, small kitchen and a shower in the flat. There are 6 beds (3 in each room), so in total there can be up to 6 people. Kitchen is equipped with basic equipment (plates, cutlery, pans, cooker, etc.). Tenants can use laundry rooms located nearby. There is no internet connection in the apartment.

Prices (2019)

Bed in a shared room at Servin Maijan tie 10 G:

1st week – 5 euro/night; 2nd week – 7 euro/night.

A deposit of 100 euro has to be paid in cash (no credit cards!) upon receiving the key. The accommodation fee would be extracted from the deposit and the rest of the deposit would be returned to the tenant when returning the key to the housing office. If a student who lives in the emergency accommodation has an absolutely exceptional situation and there is no other person queuing for his or her place, the lease contract might be continued for two more weeks. In this case the price is 10 euro/night. In this case additional deposit of 150 euro will have to be paid. Decisions on whether to continue a lease contract would be taken in each case individually.

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