COVID-19 and housing FAQ


I cannot pay my rent because my income has been cut off due to the coronavirus. What should I do?

Please contact us first with this form to agree on a possible payment plan.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to reduce rents due to the pandemic, and rents must be paid in full.  However, please contact us immediately if you have difficulties with payments in order to avoid potential rental debt.


I suspect my roommate has contracted the coronavirus. Can I get a transfer to another AYY apartment?

If you live in AYY housing and suspect that you or your roommate are suffering from coronavirus, you can contact us with this form. As a landlord, AYY cannot tell or ask about the health situation of residents without their permission. Reimbursement of rent concerning apartments in which a coronavirus infection is detected will be handled on a case-by-case basis if the resident is at risk. Residents who are medically at-risk have the option of temporary removal on the basis of a medical certificate. 

Please refer to the authorities’ instructions in situations where a family member or roommate falls ill or has symptoms, more information here.


Can I pay my rent in installments? How late can I pay my rent before overdue payments?

It is possible to agree on payment arrangements. Please contact us immediately with this form if you have any payment problems.


I am not able to complete credits due to the pandemic. What will happen to my right of residence? Can I live in my apartment even if I do not complete 18 credits per academic term? Will my lease be terminated? Can I have extra time for my right of residence period?

If your graduation is delayed or you do not complete the required number of credits due to cancellation or postponement of courses, you can apply for an extension of your right of residence until 31 Dec 2020 (or an equivalent period of 4 months if your right of residence continues beyond 31 Aug 2020). To get an extension, you must prove that your studies have been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, due to which courses have been cancelled, for example.


Can I sublet my apartment as I am unable to come to Finland during the coronavirus pandemic?

It is possible to sublet apartments during the summer (1 Apr-30 Sept) to anyone for any reason. Please remember to make a sublease notification in advance through Domo. More information and instructions here.


I signed the lease before the corona pandemic and now I cannot travel to Finland. How can I terminate my lease? Can I cancel the lease, and will it expire immediately?

With agreements that have already started, we comply with the notice period of one month (AHVL sections 61-67) It is therefore not possible to terminate the contract immediately.

If the contract is for a fixed period, the Act on Residential Leases stipulates the following:

"The tenant may be permitted to give notice on the agreement if:
1) the tenant’s need for an apartment comes to an end or is essentially altered by his or her illness or disability or the illness or disability of a member of his or her family living in the apartment or
2) the tenant moves to another locality for reasons of study, employment, or his or her spouse’s employment; or
3) if, for some comparable reason, the agreement’s remaining in force until the agreed date would be patently unreasonable from the tenant’s point of view.
The party to the lease who has not terminated the agreement is entitled to reasonable compensation for the damage caused to him/her by the early termination of the agreement.
Termination of a fixed-term contract is therefore possible, but the landlord is entitled to reasonable compensation for the early termination of the contract."


I signed a joint lease with my friend, but my friend is not in Finland and cannot live with me. Can I continue living in the apartment alone or what will happen?

In the case of a two-room apartment or a larger apartment rented as a friend’s apartment, at least two first-time tenants must live in the apartment. If your friend cannot come to Finland and does not live in the apartment, the lease will be terminated with notice periods according to AHVL (3 months if the contract has lasted less than a year, and 6 months if the contract has lasted more than a year.) For the period of notice, you will be responsible for the full rent of the apartment.

If the contract has lasted for 2 months, you also have the opportunity to make a friend swap, read more here.


I have applied for Aalto to study, but I don’t know if studies will begin normally in the autumn. Can I apply for housing already?

You can apply for housing normally. If distance learning at the school continues in the autumn or your exchange studies are cancelled, you can either postpone the desired date of removal or cancel the application in the Domo system. If you forget to cancel your application and receive a housing offer but cannot start your studies on time, please reject the offer so that we can offer the apartment to the next in queue. Unfortunately, the housing offer cannot be left to “rest” for a month or two, as empty apartments raise the rent of all residents.


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