Cleaning instructions for the common spaces of shared apartments

From this side you find instructions about how to keep the common spaces of the shared apartments clean.
Otarannan kerhotilan hyllykkö

All tenants of shared room apartment are equally responsible for the maintenance of the common areas. This means that all tenants are responsible for cleaning after themselves, and that the common spaces of the apartment need to be cleaned at regural intervals.

Keeping the common spaces of shared apartments in good condition is important for AYY Housing. If the condition of the apartment is defective or there are any excessive furniture or other items, please first discuss the matter with the other residents  and agree on common cleaning routines.

Shared apartments and cleaning

Please be aware that AYY as a landlord cannot come to inspect common facilities in shared apartments according to the Act on Residential Leases (AHVL, Section 22). For this reason, it is neither possible to hire an external cleaning company to take care of common facilities. On these grounds, this is the responsibility of the tenants, and this is also mentioned in the rental agreement.

AYY hopes that tenants will contact the Student Union immediately if there are any shortcomings in the common facilities or it has not been possible to agree on cleaning with other residents,. You can send a message with pictures with this form

Please note that the Act on Residential Leases also determines the type of notice the landlord can use to enter common facilities in shared apartments, so please report any shortcomings as soon as possible. On average, it takes about 2 weeks before the landlord is legally able to inspect the facilities (permission must be asked from each tenant).

If common facilities in shared apartments are not cleaned by the deadline, and the inspection reveals deficiencies in cleanliness, AYY will book a professional cleaner. In this case, all residents of the shared apartment will be charged the cleaning expenses.

Cleaning checklist


  • Wipe the stove and kitchen surfaces after usage
  • Wash the dishes every time after using them - don't leave them to the sink!
  • Take trashes out, if needed
  • Keep the common fridge tidy


  • Wipe the dust splashes and stains from all the surfaces regularly
  • Vacuum or sweep the floors of the common spaces, and wash them if needed
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