Changes to the Housing Regulations 1.2.2020 onwards


AYY’s Housing Regulations have been revised and will be amended on 1 Feb 2020. The most significant amendments concern the friend swap and scoring instructions, as well as suggesting friends to shared apartments. The goal of these amendments is to allow various forms of communal living and to develop activities according to the objectives set out in AYY's Real Estate Strategy. In addition to these major amendments, outdated and replaced terms have been corrected in the regulations.

Friend swap

When a tenant leaves a friend or family apartment, the remaining AYY tenant with the right of residence has the right to make a friend swap for the apartment. In the friend swap, two conditions must be met:

  1. You can only make the friend swap if you have lived together in the apartment for at least two months (previously six months).
  2. The new tenant in the friend swap can only be a person who already lives in an AYY apartment as the main tenant.

In practice, the amendment has been made to Section 22 (Termination of family and friend agreements). The changes in red text: “If AYY’s tenant with the right of residence wishes to continue living in the same apartment after the termination of the tenancy, the tenant has the opportunity to sign a new family or friend agreement for the apartment in question with a new tenant. However, this requires that the tenancy has continued uninterrupted for at least two (2) months. A new tenant moving into the apartment must already have a primary lease with AYY.”

Example: Matti and Ville receive a two-room apartment starting on 1 Feb. However, immediately after moving, Ville receives an offer for a studio and terminates the joint lease to end on 31 March for his part. Matti can make the friend swap for the apartment starting on 1 Apr, as long as the new friend already has a primary lease with AYY.

Suggesting friends for shared apartments

As a whole new addition to the housing regulations is the opportunity to suggest friends for shared apartments. As of 1 Feb 2020, the residents in AYY’s shared apartments have the right to suggest a person who has a primary lease with AYY as a tenant for their shared apartment. This will give friends a better chance of ending up living in the same shared apartment. The suggested friend receives additional scores for one’s housing application in order to be placed in the front of the queue. The suggestion of a friend differs from the internal transfer as the suggested friend does not have to live in the same housing group (shared apartment in Teekkari Village, for example) as the person who suggested the friend swap. The suggested friend can also live in a studio or two-room apartment.

Addition to Section 8 (Exceptions to the application process): “A resident in a shared apartment has the right to propose a new tenant for a vacated room in a shared apartment from among AYY’s members with the right of residence. The proposed tenant must already have a primary lease with AYY.”

Example: Minna lives in a JMT1 shared apartment where she does not know her roommates and the residents change often. Minna’s friend Liisa lives in the same building but she does not know her roommates either and would like to move into the same shared apartment with Minna. Minna can suggest Liisa for the same shared apartment with her, and they become roommates when one of the residents moves out.

Effects of the changes

Section 10 (Waiting period due to receiving an apartment) reads as follows after the amendments (addition in bold text):  “When the applicant accepts AYY’s apartment offer, they are not offered a new AYY apartment from the same housing group before the tenancy has lasted for at least six (6) months. The waiting period of six (6) months may be waived in the case of the friend swap or the suggestion of a friend for a shared apartment.  In addition, when the applicant accepts AYY’s apartment offer, they are not offered any new AYY’s apartments before the tenancy has lasted for at least two (2) months. ”Therefore, it is sufficient for both the friend swap and the suggestion of a friend for a shared apartment that the new tenants have been living in their previous AYY apartments for two months, even if the 6-month waiting period for the internal transfer is not fulfilled.

It is still a condition for both the friend swap and the suggestion of a friend for a shared apartment that the person to be swapped or the suggested person must have a primary lease with AYY. In this way, no one will skip the queue when an apartment is released from a tenant and offered to other applicants in the queue.

The aim of the amendments is to enable communal living in particular. Students living in shared apartments have the opportunity to influence who they live with and the friend swap is made easier even if their roommate suddenly finds an apartment elsewhere.

Changes to scoring instructions

Three points have been added to scoring instructions attached with the regulations: friend swap scores, returning resident scores and friend suggestion scores. Of these scores, the friend swap and returning resident scores have been in use before but they have not been listed in the scoring instructions previously. A returning resident refers to a person who has moved out of AYY’s apartment due to student exchange or military service, for example, and receives scores for the same housing group from which the person moved out as well as for shared apartments if the person so wishes.

Scoring instructions in full, additions in bold text:



1. Internal transfers

Moving from AYY’s apartment to another AYY’s apartment (the same housing queue). If the applicant is granted the score for internal transfers, other sections in the scoring instructions are not considered.

+5 scores

2. Urgent need for accommodation

These scores only apply to shared apartments. The maximum of two scores may be granted for one application based on the urgent need for accommodation. In order for scores to be granted, a certificate on the urgent need for accommodation must always be submitted.

Urgency scores are awarded for individual cases and they are valid only until the first apartment offer or when the urgent need for accommodation ceases to be valid. If the applicant rejects the offer or lets it expire, they lose their urgency scores.


  • Applicants outside the surrounding municipalities.
    Surrounding municipalities = Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen
  • Fixed-term rental agreements (ending within 6 months)
  • Notice of termination by landlord
  • Homelessness
  • Other special cases with the decision of the Housing Committee.

+2 scores

3. Child/certificate of pregnancy

Applies to studios in shared apartments, studios, two-room apartments and larger apartments. For the following children or certificates of pregnancy +1 score.

+4 scores

4. All applicants are AYY’s members with the right of residence

Applies to two-room apartments and larger apartments

+1 score

5. First-year students

For degree-students. The score only applies to shared apartment queues. The first-year student’s score is valid for 6 months. The order of applicants with the same score in the first-year student application process will be drawn.

+1 score

6. Exchange students

The exchange student score applies to exchange students and international students who temporarily reside in Finland and are comparable to exchange students. The score only applies to shared apartment queues. The order of applicants with the same score based on the exchange student score will be drawn.

+1 score

 7. Medical certificate

By filing an application to the housing committee.

+0-6 scores

Property and income are determined in accordance with ARA’s tenant selection guide.  

8. Property

  • Shared apartments and studios: the applicant’s property is over EUR 64,000.
  • Two-room apartments and larger apartments: total property of applicants is over EUR 79,000.

– 1 score

9. Monthly income

  • The applicant’s monthly income is over EUR 3,000.
  • Total monthly income of the applicant household is over EUR 5,100.

– 1 score

10. Suggestion of friends for shared apartments

  • Internal transfer +5 scores and the suggestion of a friend +1 score. Considered for the shared apartment where the person who suggested the friend lives.
+6 scores

11. Returning resident

  • Internal transfer +5 scores and the urgent need for accommodation +2 scores. Considered for the housing group from which the applicant has left for student exchange, internship, military or non-military service, as well as for shared apartments.
+7 scores

12. Friend swap

  • Internal transfer +5 scores multiplied by two. Considered only for the apartment, which the friend swap concerns.
+10 scores


How do I suggest my friend for a shared apartment?

  1. First contact AYY's Housing services with this form , for example: we need information about the person you are suggesting for a shared apartment (full name and address).
  2. After this, your friend can apply for apartments in your shared apartment group and include an informal statement as the urgency score attachment stating that this is a friend’s suggestion for a shared apartment. The attachment must include the full name and address of the person who suggested the friend.
    1. In Domo, you can choose individual apartments for your application, but this requires a bit of work, since not all apartments in the shared apartment group are similar (floor area and the rent depend on the room).
    2. Unfortunately, housing advisers cannot remove apartments from the application, so it is the applicant’s duty to select the apartments. So please make sure that you have applied for the right apartments!
    3. If your friend has applied for the shared apartments in question in addition to other shared apartments in one’s previous application, your friend must remove these shared apartments in question from the previous application and apply for them with a new application.

When an apartment is vacated in a shared apartment, it is offered to the first person in the queue. It is impossible for the housing advisers to estimate when the offer can be made, so the applicant should keep an eye on their email for the possible offer. With friend suggestion scores, the application ends in the front of the queue. However, you may be placed in the queue after returning residents or those who have made friend suggestion applications before you.

If the resident who suggested a friend moves out before the offer is made to the friend, the friend suggestion scores are deleted from the application.


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