FAQ of Member Services on Holiday Season

AYY's services office is on a holiday from 23 Dec to 30 Dec 2022, but the telephone service will be open on 27 Dec - 30 Dec 2022. Find the Frequently Asked Questions at Holiday season below!
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Exceptional opening hours on Holiday season

Our services office is on a holiday from 23 Dec to 30 Dec 2022. On the moving day on Monday, 2 Jan 2023, our Services Office will be open from 12noon to 4pm only for matters related to moving. You will find all our opening hours here.

Our telephone service will be open on 22nd Dec & 27 Dec – 30 Dec from 12noon to 2pm. On these days, we also answer messages. In urgent matters related to the condition of the apartment, contact the maintenance company.

We will get back to your questions after the holidays. You can send email in housing-related question to [email protected] and questions about other member services to [email protected]

Have a happy and relaxing holiday!


FAQ about housing on holiday season.

Member services

FAQ about Member services on holiday season.

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