Changes to AYY's resident selection will enter into force gradually as of 1 September 2023

In June, we published information on the upcoming changes to Aalto University Student Union’s resident selection, which will be changed in accordance with new housing regulations approved by the Representative Council and the related resident selection appendix. The changes are based on the ARA regulations and the new Act on Interest Subsidy for Rental Housing Loans and Right of Occupancy Housing Loans, which oblige the student union to allocate housing more accurately to those who need them the most.

The gradual change will enter into force when the new Act on Interest Subsidy for Rental Housing Loans enters into force on 1 Sept 2023. In the Act, a resident selection task is considered a public administrative task and includes a provision on official liability, which obliges the student union to implement resident selection in a more precise manner as required by legislation.
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Changes to housing application system

System changes are still under way and the new resident selection model will be fully implemented during the autumn. Our aim is to transfer current applications directly to the reformed system. However, we ask all applicants to be prepared to resubmit their applications.

As the first change, we will change the queuing policy to comply with official guidelines, according to which the tenant selection criteria for ARA housing include the need for housing, income, and wealth. Resident selection is based on these resident selection criteria as well as on a comparison between the applicants. As a result, the current scoring and queuing system will be discontinued from 1 Sept 2023, after which you can no longer see your queuing status in Domo. 

Please note that we are unable to respond to separate inquiries regarding the application, nor provide an estimate for the time or probability of a housing offer. Housing offers are submitted via email, which is why you need to keep your contact information up to date on Domo and check your email on a regular basis. If you have anything to specify for your housing application, you can submit additional information appendices via Domo.

We will provide more information soon as the system changes progress and the housing regulations and resident selection guidelines will be fully implemented.

Further information

Representative Council decided on amendments to housing regulations
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