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Suggesting a friend for shared apartments


Residents in AYY’s shared apartments have the right to suggest a person who has a primary lease with AYY as a tenant for their shared apartment. This will give friends a better chance of ending up living in the same shared apartment. The suggested friend receives additional scores for one’s housing application in order to be placed in the front of the queue. The suggestion of a friend differs from the internal transfer as the suggested friend does not have to live in the same housing group (shared apartment in Teekkari Village, for example) as the person who suggested the friend. The suggested friend can also live in for example a studio or two-room apartment.

How do I suggest my friend for a shared apartment?

  1. First contact AYY's housing services with this form , for example: we need information about the person you are suggesting for a shared apartment (full name and address).
  2. After this, your friend can apply for apartments in your shared apartment group and include an informal statement as the urgency score attachment stating that this is a friend’s suggestion for a shared apartment. The attachment must include the full name and address of the person who suggested the friend.
    1. In Domo, you can choose individual apartments for your application, but this requires a bit of work, since not all apartments in the shared apartment group are similar (floor area and the rent depend on the room). It is not necessary to apply for all apartments in the shared apartment group, but the applied apartments must be within the shared apartment group.
    2. Unfortunately, the housing advisers cannot remove apartments from the application, so it is the applicant’s duty to select the apartments. So please make sure that you have applied for the right apartments!
    3. If your friend has applied for the shared apartments in question in addition to other shared apartments in one’s previous application, the friend must remove these shared apartments in question from the previous application and apply for them with a new application.

When an apartment is vacated in a shared apartment, it is offered to the first person in the queue. It is impossible for the housing advisers to estimate when the offer can be made, so the applicant should keep an eye on their email for the possible offer. With friend suggestion scores, the application is placed in the front of the queue. However, you may be placed in the queue after returning residents or those who have made friend suggestion applications before you.

If the resident who suggested a friend moves out before the offer is made to the friend, the friend suggestion scores are deleted from the application.

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