Changes in Housing

Temporary Move from the Apartment

Are you a resident of AYY and leaving your apartment temporarily? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do about your apartment when leaving for a student exchange, internship or military service, for example.

When you leave your apartment temporarily, for example, because of an exchange programme, JOO studies outside the surrounding municipalities or a study-related internship, you can choose whether to keep the apartment for your own use, sublet it or terminate your tenancy agreement. The same options also apply to completing your compulsory or voluntary military service.


Keeping the apartment

If you keep the apartment for your own use, you continue to use up your right of residence as normal. Exceptions to this are families with children: we will compensate your right of residence for the period of your temporary absence even if your partner and children remain in the apartment.

If you sublet your apartment to another AYY member while you are completing your military service or your studies or internship elsewhere, your right of residence will be compensated for the period of the subletting. If you want, you can also sublet your apartment to a person outside AYY, but in this case, your right of residence will not be compensated. Please check the subletting instructions separately.

Subletting an apartment

Terminating your tenancy

If you do not want to keep your apartment or sublet it while you leave it temporarily, you can also terminate your tenancy agreement. Please remember to terminate your agreement on time, taking into account the one-month notice period.

If you terminate your tenancy to complete an exchange programme, JOO studies, an internship or a military service, AYY promises to offer you an apartment when you return to your studies. As a rule, we attempt to offer you an apartment that is as similar as possible to the one you let go. If no apartments become available in an equivalent apartment group at the time of your return, you will be offered a similar apartment in another apartment group.

You are most likely to receive the apartment you wish if you inform us of your return in good time. Submit an apartment application at least two months prior to your return and inform us in an attachment or by email that you are returning to your studies, and we will score your application with the additional scores of a returning mover. Set the moving date on the application for the month from which you will once again need an apartment.

The moving date cannot be set for more than a month after the reason for your absence ending. This means that an apartment cannot be reserved for you if you stay and travel for a longer time after your exchange, for example.

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