Changes in Housing

Subletting an apartment

AYY’s apartments can be sublet subject to certain conditions. On this page, you can find instructions for subletting and subleasing. Please remember to always inform AYY if you temporarily hand over your apartment to be used by another person!


Subletting means that the main tenant lives in the apartment themself and rents out a part of their apartment to a subtenant.

A subtenant must be allocated a part of the apartment, so a studio or a single room in a shared apartment, for example, cannot be sublet. However, you are allowed to live in a studio with a partner, for example, if you like. If another resident moves into your studio with you, you need to inform AYY about this via Domo. This way, the resident information is also updated to the maintenance company.

It is advisable to inform AYY about a subletting via Domo, so that we are aware of who lives in your apartment. Once we have been informed about the subtenants via Domo, also the subtenants can be in official contact with the Housing Services or the maintenance company.

A subletting agreement template is available here.


Subleasing means that the main tenant temporarily rents out their apartment to one or more subtenants and does not live in the apartment themself at the time.

In accordance with the Act on Residential Leases, an apartment cannot be handed over to another person without the lessor’s agreement, so permission for a sublease must be sought separately. This is done by creating a sublease notice in Domo, to which the sublease agreement signed by the main tenant and the subtenant is attached along with an explanation of the reason for the sublease.

When and to whom can I sublease my apartment?

During summer (1 Apr–30 Sept), an apartment can be subleased for a maximum of four months to anyone and for any reason.

Outside of summer, an apartment can be subleased to anyone, but not for any reason. The reason for a sublease outside of summer must be one of the following:

  • Completion of military service
  • Exchange programme
  • Study-related internship or JOO studies outside the surrounding municipalities (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen).
  • Another valid reason, in which case permission must be sought from AYY’s Housing Committee.

Also note that your right of residence will only be compensated if the apartment is subleased to another AYY member. It is recommended to confirm membership, for example by asking to see a receipt for paid membership fee. Read more about compensating the right of residence. 

Other conditions

The apartment must be subleased subject to the same conditions and with the same rent as those recorded in your own tenancy agreement. You can, however, ask your tenant for a deposit, for example, and reasonable compensation for using your furnishings, for example. These other expenses must be separately recorded in the sublease agreement. Please note, that the rent invoices are always sent to the main tenant, not to the subtenant.

Housing services recommends that the subtenant always pay the rent to the main tenant and the main tenant to AYY. This will ensure that your tenant pays the rent on time.

Finding a subtenant is always the sole responsibility of the main tenant. You can try to find a suitable tenant, for example, by placing an ad in the Aalto Marketplace or in the Facebook group Teekkari village' s market.

A sublease agreement template is available here.


You must inform AYY about a sublease via Domo at least one month prior to the start of the sublease agreement. The notice must be done in good time, so that it can be checked before the sublease begins. If an apartment is subleased without AYY’s permission, AYY has the right to terminate the main tenant’s tenancy agreement.

A subletting agreement can be made for a non-fixed term, but sublease agreements are always fixed-term. A sublease agreement can be made for a maximum of one year. The right to sublease arrangements that deviate from this rule or last for more than a year is requested from the Housing Committee in writing.

How do I make a subletting or sublease notice?

Sublease notices must always be made in Domo and not by email, for example. In Domo, you can find the notice via your tenancy agreement by clicking on “Subletting and subleases” in the top corner of the agreement.

First, select whether you are subletting or subleasing your apartment. In the next field, write the email address of your subtenant. Domo will send them a message asking them to log in to or register for Domo. If the subtenant does not respond to the invitation, your notice will not arrive at AYY for processing.

Under “Reason,” write why you are subletting your apartment. If you are subleasing your apartment, you need to attach an explanation of the reason for the sublease to the notice. The attachment must be an official certificate.

Under “Agreement,” attach the tenancy agreement signed by you and your subtenant.

Finally, record the duration of the subletting and submit the notice by clicking on “Create.”


Compensating the right of residence

AYY’s right of residence can be compensated for the time period during which the resident has been unable to utilise the housing services.

Changes in Housing

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Changes in Housing

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