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Resident Leaving a Family or Friend apartment

Is one of the residents in your apartment moving out? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do when one resident of a family or friend apartment moves out.

Terminating a shared tenancy agreement

If a resident decides to move out of a shared apartment, they must first terminate the tenancy agreement for their own part. Domo will send the other resident of the apartment an email about the submitted termination notice. The other resident can choose to either accept or reject the termination notice for their part.

Accepting the termination means that the other resident is also moving out of the apartment at the same time as the resident who made the termination notice. By contrast, rejecting the termination means that the resident continues to live in the apartment.

The resident rejecting a termination notice can stay in the apartment alone for the termination notice period or make a friend swap. The remaining resident is also able to have urgency points for single-room apartments due to an ending contract which has been terminated by the landlord.

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Rejecting a termination notice

If you reject the termination notice submitted by your flatmate, Domo will automatically create a new tenancy agreement for the apartment for yourself. As AYY’s two-room and bigger apartments are not rented out only to the main tenant in accordance with the Housing Regulation, AYY will terminate your tenancy agreement with a notice of either three or six months.

The notice periods are determined in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases, or AHVL. If your shared tenancy agreement has continued for less than a year, the notice period is three months, and for agreements that have continued for more than a year, it is six months. However, the resident continues to have the right to terminate their tenancy within the one-month termination period if they decide to move out of the apartment sooner.

Once your flatmate has moved out and your individual tenancy agreement for the apartment starts, you are responsible for the entire apartment and its rent yourself.

If you know of a friend who already lives in an AYY apartment and would like to move into the apartment with you, you can make a friend swap. If you have a friend who does not live in an AYY apartment but would like to move into the apartment with you, submit a shared application for your apartment and other apartments in the same apartment group in Domo. It is often possible to find an apartment via the normal queuing system as well if the conditions of a friend swap are not met.


Friend swap

In a friend swap, two conditions must be met:

  1. You can only make a friend swap if you have lived in the apartment with your previous flatmate for at least two months.  

  2. The new resident in a friend swap can only be a person who already lives in an AYY apartment as the main tenant.  

In other words, a friend swap is not a way to jump the queue to become a resident in an AYY apartment.

For the friend swap, submit an apartment application for your current apartment together with your friend and notify Housing Services of your friend swap intentions.

The one-month termination period applies to friend swaps. So, if you want the new tenancy agreement with your friend to start in March, for example, you should submit the application and notification of the friend swap to AYY Housing already before January, since AYY Housing will begin to offer all the apartment always two months ahead to the applicants who are on place 1st in the Domo apartment queue.  Please note also, that if you are planning to do a friend swap to the apartment, don´t accept the termination notice to the apartment that AYY has created, since it means that you are leaving the apartment and your apartment will be showed as an apartment that comes vacant.  This means, that you will receive reminder from Domo every day to confirm the termination notice, but you can ignore it until you either know that you are not going to do a friend swap or if this apartment will be offered to you with a friend swap with other friend, the termination notice will be handled in Domo by AYY.  This may sometimes mean that you have to stay in a family or friend apartment alone for a month before the friend swap takes place in practice.

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