Changes in Housing

Exchange studies or other temporary move from the apartment

Are you a resident of AYY and leaving your apartment temporarily? On this page, you will find instructions on what to do about your apartment when leaving for a student exchange, internship or military service, for example.

When you leave your apartment temporarily, for example, because of an exchange programme, JOO studies outside the surrounding municipalities or a study-related internship, you can choose whether to keep the apartment for your own use, rent it to a secondary tenant or terminate your tenancy agreement. The same options also apply to completing your compulsory or voluntary military service.

Keeping the apartment

If you keep the apartment for your own use, you continue to use up your right of residence as normal. Exceptions to this are families with children: we will compensate your right of residence for the period of your temporary absence even if your partner and children remain in the apartment.

Renting the apartment

If you rent your apartment to another AYY member while you are completing your military service or your studies or internship elsewhere, your right of residence will be compensated for the period of the secondary lease. If you want, you can also rent your apartment to a person outside AYY, but in this case, your right of residence will not be compensated. Please check the instructions for secondary leasing and temporary assignment.

Subleasing, secondary leasing and temporary assignment

Returning after terminating your lease

If you have terminated your lease for the duration of exchange studies, other studies, internship, non-military or military service outside the Helsinki metropolitan area, AYY aims to provide you with a similar apartment when you return to the metropolitan area. However, AYY cannot guarantee a new apartment on your return.

Fill in a housing application in Domo at least three months before your return and notify AYY by email or with an attachment that you will return to your studies. AYY strives to offer you as similar apartment as possible from the same housing group if possible. You may be offered a similar type of apartment from another housing group if there is no available apartment similar to your previous apartment.

In your application, add the move-in date for the month from which you will need an apartment. The move-in date must be within one month after the end of the reason for your absence. Therefore, we are not able to reserve an apartment for you if you stay and travel for a longer period after your student exchange, for example.

Housing is primarily offered to applicants with an urgent need for housing. If your need for housing is not urgent, for example, if you have already been offered housing in the Helsinki metropolitan area, AYY is unlikely to offer you housing on a fast schedule.

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