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The Student Union’s administrative and executive power is held by the Board that is appointed by the Representative Council and whose term of office is one calendar year. The Board handles the Student Union’s routine operations and is in charge of implementing the operational plan. The Board represents the Student Union to the outside world, oversees the Student Union’s administration and holds executive power within the boundaries of the Constitution and the Representative Council’s decisions. Application for becoming a former of the AYY board 2020 is open 14.10.2019-8.11.2019 and for board member 14.10.2019 - 17.11.2019. Read more below.
Kuvassa AYY:n hallitus vuodelta 2020 poseeraa yhdessä hallituksen kesäpäivillä.

The Board’s operations

Membership of the Board is a one-year position of trust. Central tasks of the Board include managing the Student Union, deciding upon the Student Union’s public statements, implementing the Representative Council’s decisions and representing the Student Union towards the University and other stakeholders. During the year, participation in handling the communal matters is practically a full-time job for the Board members. The Board convenes several times a week to discuss and decide upon the policies and direction of the Student Union.

The Board answers to the Representative Council for all its actions. Each Board member is responsible for one or more operational sectors. You can read about the Board’s tasks in more detail from this file.


Applying to the Board

Application to the Board takes place once a year. The Board selection process is as follows:

  • In October, application to the Board and to Former of the Board opens
  • In early November, Former of the Board is appointed
  • During November, Former of the Board interviews applicants and organises other events, such as a public panel, to gain more information on the applicants and their strengths
  • In the end of November, the Council appoints the Board based on the Former of the Board’s proposal

The Representative Council decides upon appointing the Board. If the Council is not satisfied with the composition proposed by the Former of the Board, it can restart the process.

When applying to the Board, you should be prepared for a busy year. Board members are not expected to study full-time during their term. To ensure subsistence, Board members are paid a monthly fee of around a thousand euros.

For applicants

To apply for Aalto University Student Union board, you must do the following:

  • Fill out the application form at: https://lomake.ayy.fi/rekry/hallitus/
    • For this form you will need the following:
      • Application text*
      • Up-to-date CV.
  • Notify the new Representative Council of your application by email to AYYE2020@list.ayy.fi after 5 Nov. Attach your application and CV.
  • Participate in the board applicant panel (18 Nov), group assignment (18 Nov) and individual interview** (12 Nov - 22 Nov).

*Tips for writing application text

  • The application may be filled out in several languages.

  • The application should be 1-2 pages long.
  • You can attach a picture or pictures to your application.
  • Include in the application: motivation, experience, personal strengths, interests.

**Tips for the interview

  • Prepare yourself and think of the interview as a regular job interview.

  • However, the focus of the interview is on what kind of personality you are by yourself and in a group and how you act in different situations, rather than what your CV contains.

In addition to filling out the application, updating the CV and sending it to the Representative Council, applicants are advised to do the following:

Discuss with the current or former board members about their experiences. https://www.ayy.fi/fi/yhteystiedot

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