Soon available apartments for AYY members

There is no queue at all, or little queue for the apartments listed on this page. Thus, it is possible get an apartment on a very fast schedule. The apartments are primarily offered to AYY's right-of-residence members. You can, however, apply for some of the apartments listed on this page, even if you do not have a valid right of residence. The start date of the lease cannot be postponed.
Otaranta 8

Updated 20.6.2022

At the moment we don´t have these apartments vacant.



Atlantinkatu 7

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Apartment types

Here you can find information about the apartment types, and see which type of apartment you are able to apply for.


Subletting an apartment

AYY’s apartments can be sublet subject to certain conditions. On this page, you can find instructions for subletting and subleasing.

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