Soon available apartments for AYY members

These apartments are only available for members of the student union.
Otaranta 8

Are you looking for a new home? We have a few vacant rooms in shared apartments!

You can also apply for these apartments if your right of residence is not in effect. The period of residence for these apartments is three (3) years from the beginning of the lease. If an applicant is entitled to a longer period of residence as a member of AYY, the longer period of residence is applied. If you are already living in AYY's apartment, the period of notice for the termination is one whole month, starting from the end of the month in which you submit the written notice.

Please note that the list of vacant apartments may include some apartments that have already been offered to someone. The situation changes rapidly.

Apartments open to all students

Updated 14.9.2021

There is one vacant soon available apartments at the moment! If you are AYY member with right of residence you can check the apartment information in Domo or fill an application form to this apartment.



Atlantinkatu 7

Learn More About Our Locations

Information about our locations.


Apartment types

Here you can find information about the apartment types, and see which type of apartment you are able to apply for.


Subletting an apartment

AYY’s apartments can be sublet subject to certain conditions. On this page, you can find instructions for subletting and subleasing.

Changes in Housing
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