Advance booking of facilities for the fall of 2022

AYY’s first-list associations have the right to book rental saunas, event venues and meeting rooms in advance. Each association category has their own schedule for making reservations. On this page, you will find schedules and practical instructions for the booking of facilities for the fall of 2022.

Advance booking of facilities in a nutshell

The advance booking of rental facilities is one of the benefits of AYY’s associations. Reservations are made using AYY’s own booking system, TILA. TILA can be found at and users can log in with their Aalto user ID. Check out the rental facilities here. Due to the increase in maintenance costs, the rental prices of rental premises, especially sauna premises, will change from August 8, 2022. Please also consider other associations when booking. Only book facilities according to your actual needs.

Although the Representative Council has updated the association regulation on December 8, 2021, in the autumn 2022 advance booking round, the classification of associations into special status associations and list 1 and 2 associations is still followed. The effects of the association's rules on advance bookings will be announced later.

In this booking round, you can book facilities for the period 8 Aug 2022 - 8 Jan 2023.

In the system, the booking schedule for facilities is as follows:

  1. Special status associations
    The booking time starts at 12noon on Tue, 3 May and ends at 12noon on Tue, 10 May. Advance booking sessions will be held on Tue, 10 May at 4.30pm at Otakaari 1, M232, M1. Please be prepared to negotiate possible double bookings in Advance booking sessions. If the representative of an association is not present to stand up for the booking, the booking will be deleted from the calender. Please note that you cannot book recreational facilities: Multi-Facility Hall, Tatami Hall or Association Room until the second booking roud together with other list 1. associations.*
  2. Other associations in the 1st list
    The booking time starts at 12noon on Thu, 12 May and ends at 12noon on Thu, 19 May. Advance booking sessions will be held on Thu 19 Dec at 4.30pm at Otakaari 1, M232 M1. Please be prepared to negotiate possible double bookings in Advance booking sessions. If the representative of an association is not present to stand up for the booking, the booking will be deleted from the calender. This session is also for special status associations, if you have booked recreational facilities.*
  3. Members and 2nd list associations
    After the advance booking round, the booking calendar will be opened to other bookers on Monday 23rd May, or when all the overlapping bookings have been settled.

*Important note! Reservations for three recreational facilities (Multi-Facility HallTatami Hall Association Room) will not be made until the booking round starting on 12 May. For these facilities, associations must be prepared to clarify double bookings in Advance booking session on Thu 19 May at 4.30pm. This applies to all associations in the 1st list!  The purpose is to guarantee all associations more equal opportunities to book these highly popular free facilities.


Booking schedules for associations

Association or booker category Booking entered in TILA system Confirmation of bookings / Advance booking sessions PLEASE NOTE!
Special status associations  (EAY)

Tue, 3 May at 12noon - Tue, 10 May at 12noon


Thu, 12 May at 12noon - Thu, 19 May at 12noon (recreational facilities)*

Tue, 19 May at 4.30pm


Thu, 19 May at 4.30pm (recreational facilities)*

*Free recreational facilities Multi-Facility Hall, Tatami Hall, Association Room may be booked on the 2nd round
Other associations in the first list

Thu, 12 May at 12noon - Thu, 19 May at 12noon

Thu, 19 May at 4.30pm

Including all the above-mentioned recreational facilities also for special status associations.
Associations in the 2nd list, all AYY members, as well as non-members

Monday 23rd May

According to the order of received applications. We will inform you on the front page of TILA system when the booking calendar opens.

Booking rights of associations


Two associations within the AYY, Polyteknikkojen orkesteri ry (Polytech orchestra PO) and Retuperän WBK ry (the firebrigade orchestra RWBK) have rehearsed in Servin mökki (Smökki) Mondays and Tuesdays.

In the advance booking of AYY’s one-off rental facilities for associations, associations have been instructed to avoid use of Smökki on Monday and Tuesday evenings. This has, however, resulted in insufficient rehearsal opportunities for the orchestras. The orchestras presented their case to the board of AYY, and as a solution, the board has allowed PO and RWBK to participate in the advance booking in the first round as equals to special status associations. This concerns only Monday and Tuesday evenings in Smökki.

Special status associations

Bookings for annual celebration and herring breakfast by special status associations are prioritised over the reservations of other associations. Bookings made by special status associations during their booking period are confirmed after the period ends. Possible double bookings of special status associations will be clarified after the end of the first booking round. Special status associations will not have to defend their bookings later. Exceptions to this are recreational facilities (Multi-Facility Hall, Tatami Hall and Association Room), for which all associations can make reservations only from 12 May onwards. For these three facilities, double bookings will be clarified for all associations only after the end of the second booking round.

Double bookings

Double bookings can only be made within the period when reservations are made. Please note that AYY’s internal reservations are, in principle, permanent. After the booking period, double bookings are clarified in the advance booking sessions. If the facility sector notices that a certain association has made too many reservations and thus significantly reduced the opportunity of other associations to benefit from AYY’s facilities, AYY reserves the right to request additional clarification or cancel the already confirmed reservations.

Instructions for making reservations: 

  • In the advance booking session, facilities are reserved under the name of the association. The activation key has been sent to the e-mail address provided by the associations (generally this has been the list address of the association board). If necessary, persons who have taken care of the facility bookings can distribute their rights through TILA system to the new board members of associations, for example.
  • If you book a space for a joint event of several associations, make sure that only one association reserves the space. Write the other organizers in the event details. This speeds up the process of booking, while avoiding unnecessary settlings in the advance booking sessions. When the calendar does not report any overlaps, the joint event can be accepted directly.
  • The name of the event must be entered in the reservation. If there is no name, the event can be deleted if there is a need for the reserved facility for the same day at a later stage of the advance booking session.
  • Only book facilities according to actual need. In addition to AYY operators, the facilities are used by guilds, special status associations and other associations who have a need for facilities. Especially Smökki and Rantasauna are wanted.
  • Bear in mind the usage hours of rental facilities and contact the services office asap if you change your planned event times.
  • If possible, please avoid booking Smökki on Mondays and Tuesdays: PO has rehearsals at Smökki every Monday evening and RWBK every Tuesday evening.
  • In case of long booking periods or several double bookings, the representative of a group that made the reservation should be prepared to justify their booking by email. If necessary, we will contact the bookers at the end of the booking round. 
  • The price list can be found here and the terms of usage here (e.g. time restrictions, age limits of the person in charge, cleaning and checklists). Please note, that due to the increase in maintenance costs, the rental prices of rental premises, especially sauna premises, will change from August 8, 2022.
  • If you would like to receive a notification of your approved or upcoming bookings, you can change your notification settings in TILA system via Personal information -> Notification settings.
  • Please also remember to cancel your booking well in advance if you no longer need the facilities.

NB!  Due to safety measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, AYY reserves the right to make changes in prices, restrict the number of people in the facilities and add separate safety instructions.

If you have not received a confirmation ID for the user group you represent or if you have any questions related to the advance booking, you can contact AYY’s Services Office: [email protected]

Rent facilities or van

AYY's members can rent saunas, meeting rooms, and venues for academic dinner parties at an affordable price. You can read about the facilities and rental terms in more detail on this site.

Read more about the facilities
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